“As a language family, we’re constantly looking for supportive materials and connections to other families. As parents that have careers in medicine, we also want data-driven evidence that we’re doing the right thing. American babies that speak 4 languages? Well, we’re doing it, and you can do it too!”
Jessa Depew, Owner

Multilingual Support

Here’s some data.  The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has links to keep you reading for hours: https://www.actfl.org/advocacy/what-the-research-shows

This site has more focus on how languages and career growth are linked.  At the end of the day, don’t we just want our genius linguists to become marketable?  https://www.leadwithlanguages.org/

What can you do?

If your kids are going to get screen time, make sure they’re getting it in another language.  YouTube has any language you can dream of with fun educational programs… Blippi Español, Monde de Titounis (Français), just start searching!

Netflix now gives you the ability to select your language on most shows.  For example, Maple Leaf Mommy has found over 200 cartoons and kids shows in French: https://mapleleafmommy.com/fun/watch-french-cartoons-netflix/

For French books, we’ve been getting the Bebemax and Titoumax books since 2015.  For parents that need a little support, the website provides audio for all the books: https://www.ecoledesmax.com/

Muzzy BBC is an educational language subscription you can download in all of the languages we teach at The Quad.  www.muzzybbc.com

Luka is a cute little owl that can read tons of books in Chinese and English.  Just show him the front of the book and he’ll take it from there.  www.jojolearning.com

Lango Kids offers a subscription to educational materials (including music) in Spanish, French, and Chinese.  We’ll be purchasing the school curriculum to use with our younger Toddlers and using these materials at the school across all ages.  www.langokidsonline.com

For Chinese materials, here is what our Chinese teachers recommend: www.betterchinese.com

Saturday schools in Atlanta can help your kids get a jump start or reinforce what they’re already learning:

Ecole du Samedi at Atlanta International School:  www.frenchschoolatlanta.org

This Chinese Saturday program has multiple locations across Atlanta: http://www.acca-web.org/index.php/about-acca